【Custom Ukulele “Lovuke”】


Soprano LK-S02  

Concert LK-C02

Tenor(with Pickup)LK-P-T01 


*Shipping takes about 7-14days.


*Soft case included for all sizes.


Lovuke made with all koa laminate.
It makes stronger for weather situations and also much stable sound.

“Custom ukulele -Lovuke-“ is sold and shipped by SHIBATEN.
It carefully adjusting the settings so that you can play much easily and have fun with your ukulele as soon as you picking up.

Only one ukulele in the world for you

Can be put your name on the back of the ukulele head for FREE! for those who wish to.




Beautiful Abalon inlaid


All laminated Koa body It’s balanced and stronger


Rosewood for fingerboard


Logo on headstock with beautiful Abalon inlaid


Logo on behind the tuning peg & Shell inlaid on position mark


Side position mark on the neck


To make beautiful and rich sound, It’s rounded body for the back.


Beautiful Maple binding


Mahogany for the neck


Golden Mushroom strap pin is mounted.


Lovuke original soft case


Please contact us if you have any questions or interested to get one of our Ukuleles.