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1. Earth(地)
2. Air(風)
3. Fire(火)
4. Water(水)
5. Spirit(魂)
6. Love(愛)

~Sound of Journey~ is created for people who love yoga, meditation and dance. The CD features the music of the Didgeridoo, Djembe, Gongs, Flute, His heart voice, Nature sounds and much more. This organic music will take you on a journey of pleasant love. Shibaten would like to thank you all. It is a pleasure to share his music with you.




1. Shingon
2. Sky tower
3. Hunter
4. Queens town
5. Noa
6. Water Bubbles
7. Memories ~toki~
8. My way of life
9. Let’s say
10. Soon
11. When you want to cry
12. This Earth

“This Earth” is world-travelling artist, Shibaten’s 2nd offering. Experience Shibaten’s eclectic mix of instruments from around the world in this unique blend of organic sounds. The CD features the music of the Didgeridoo, Djembe, Gongs, and more. “This Earth” will take you on a journey with Shibaten throughout Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and Central America, and Europe.




1. The Last Rose of Summer
2. Furusato
3. Craving for the Spring Wind
4. Rainy Night Flower
5. Wiegenlied
6. Memories ~toki~
7. The Ocean
8. PureRise




1. Flower
2. Come Walk Along the Shore
3. Flow of the River
4. Amazing Grace
5. Soshu.N
6. Woman of Flowers
7. Child of God
8. Great Tears Are Spilling




1. D
2. Sweet Memories
3. Hanamizuki
4. Pua lililehua
5. Beach




5 CDs


Premium CD that Live recorded in 2007 at Toronto, Canada!!
Only 40 CDs are left!『Limited CD』
1. Spirit Out
2. Sky Tower
3. Krabi
4. Spirit Dreams
5. Do the Dance
6. Space



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