Hello everyone!

I’m Shibaten who teaches Ukulele with Japanese melody and so on this “UkeSongJAPAN” channel.

I’m passionate about music, art and education.

I’m immersed in music from the age of 15 → I go on a journey at the age of 18 → I performed in over 40 countries around the world → I want to increase the number of happy people with music! → Moved to Japan at the age of 38 → Started an online ukulele class that “UkeSongJAPAN” on Youtube at the age of 40 in 2020.

Currently living in the Japanese countryside, sometimes still traveling abroad.

I would like to give lesson videos of Japanese song with Ukulele while sharing the view of life cultivated through music and travel!

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*All tutorial by English & Japanese and also substitutes!



Ukulele Playing Videos

☆「Hanamizuki-ハナミズキ-」Hitotoyou (一青窈)

☆「Bokunosobani-僕のそばに-」Tokunaga Hideaki (徳永英明)

☆「Aitai-会いたい-」Sawada Chikako (沢田知可子)

☆「Sabotennohana-サボテンの花-」 Zaizu Kazuo (財津和夫)

☆「Hanamizuki -ハナミズキ-」Ukulele Solo

【Custom Ukulele】*Shibaten produced!!