「One and only reason」-blog-


-This is a short story of how I started world busking life- 


I Originate from Osaka, Japan.
I’ve been traveling around the world since April 1999.

First three years I traveled all over Japan by bicycle, hitchhiking, walking, motorbike, bus, train, boat, and car for seeking the beauty of nature.
I had never thought about going overseas while I travelled Japan.
Then I met a girl when I was in northern Japan, she showed me photos of Australia and many other countries.
The photos awakened my interest in different views and people of the world.

and right after in 2002,

I went to Australia with No money and No English.

I found farm work quickly and just picked vegetables everyday.

After a few months I earned enough money to travel around Australia so I started from Sydney on a bicycle and cycled all the way to Ayers Rock, Alice springs.

That was an amazing time, the desert crossing especially because there is nothing modern there and no pollution.

I saw so much wildlife and experienced the most wonderful landscapes across Australia.

After that, I flew over to Los Angeles in order to broaden my knowledge of wood carving, a hobby of mine.

I held classes for locals and had a small exhibition as well as a stall in the Market.

I went back to Japan after Los Angeles to make money for my next journey.
I would work in Japan for a few months to travel for the rest of the year.
That was my lifestyle throughout the next few years.
I just follow my passion for art, music, people, culture and nature.

I appreciated the experience of having many different jobs during my months in Japan, but I don’t consider myself a “nine to five person” – I don’t want to have the stress and I don’t want to have to make excuses for who I am.
In these 7 years, I have thought a lot about life.
It’s like, “What do I WANT to do? and What CAN I do?”

Oneday, I became sick and had to have surgery.
It was only then that I seriously understood;

“You only live once”

I put a question to myself.

-What do I like to do??-

The answer for that was simple;

Traveling and playing music

I chose both.

It was the start of my new way of life as a Busker.

My one and only reason..

I flew over to New Zealand to Busk in 2005.
I had only $400 and I threw away my Air ticket when I arrived in New Zealand because I was determined to take control of my life and decide my own future from that point.

After a month, two months, three months…my music and performance quickly improved as I was never a bedroom musician, I always played on the street (as a busker) this way I was forced to learn much faster and it was very exciting to learn something new about my abilities at the same time as my audiences every day.

Two years later, I went back to Australia this time as a Busker.


When I play, I always close my eyes, I meditate to access a state of mind in my spirit that drives my improvisations forward, my music is channelled through my heart from nature, the culture of the countries I’ve visited and myself.

So I say:

“No Heart, No Music. Music is from the Spirit”

Life become so beautiful when you take action.

All you need is “Just a little of courage”.

Thanks for taking your time here with me.

Much love.

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