Soul Painting

【Purchase of soul painting】

*Tax is not included.
*All paintings are one-of-a-kind.
*Purchased paintings are commercially use available. (Commercial usage rights belongs to buyer and Shibaten)


『鳳凰・太陽の目』~PhoenixEye of the sun

【Not for sale】 * SHIBATEN’s maiden work


『森の目』~Forest Eye

【Not for sale】 * SHIBATEN’s maiden work


『生命の宴』~A feast of life

【Not for sale】 * SHIBATEN’s maiden work


『燃え滾る細胞』~Burning Cells

F3 (273×220) 【US$1,500】*Sold Out



F3 (273×220) 【US$2,400】*Sold Out


『木星の花』~Flowers of Jupiter

F3 (273×220) 【US$4,200】


『不完全の美』~Imperfect Beauty

S6 (410×410) 【US$4,200】


『生命の息吹』~Breath of Life

F3 (273×220) 【US$6,500】



F3 (273×220) 【US$6,500】


“The Soul of the Sea” 〜Distant Memory~

   F3 (273×220) 【US$16,500】


『旋風の火山』~Whirlwind Volcano

F20 (727×606) 【US$24,000】


『太陽神』~All and All

August 31, 2019 On a 40-year-old milestone, I went on a trip to Izumo Taisha, where 8 million gods gather at Shinto Shrine. I painted the inspiration that I received there from all my soul.

F20 (727×606) 【US$100,000】


All paintings will be sent with the picture frame.
If you do not need a picture frame, please contact us at the time of your purchase. Thank you.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested to purchase!

*No cancellations can be accepted after payment.